Paying respect to the planet and to the workers manufacturing our products is one of the essential rules of our approach.

We are deeply convinced that we can, and we must modify our consumption habits with simple and concrete solutions.

  • The NoNitech Technology  : a unique concept that allows us the develop nickel free pads.
  • The Sinterizing process gives a long lasting life to the pads. Consume better by consuming less. Spending less money with less pollution. Here is our motto.
  • Factories certified under the ISO 14001 norm : the sharpest certificate of our time in terms of environmental protection.
  • We want to deeply consider people working for us in our factories making our pads and show them respect by regularly checking the working conditions they are evolving in.
  • Our dealers can order up to twenty pairs of pads in one bag ( depends on models ) in order to avoid some packaging waste.
  • Made in France :  C02 routing costs are reduced by shortening the distance from the production units to the consumer.