Who are we ?

The beginnings of Brake Authority was, without a doubt started through the needs of a champion to create exceptional performance.

Fabien Barel, multiple world champion DH and then many times winner of heats EWS, has always had a perfectionists view and approach to the competition and has always aimed for excellence.

This, is one of his qualities that bought him to study the braking system in detail, and its weak points, of the brake pads. With this in mind, he contacted a French manufacturer, well known in this field, for bikes and motorbikes to create a product closer to his own needs and expectations, to help him with his ambitions in competition at the highest level.

After the first tests, he was convinced of the extra technical value that this added. His brakes were stronger, more progressive and stayed constant during a run.  Some months and victories later Brake Authority was born.

So Fabien associated with Fred Glo and Laurent Cornec for this adventure , directors of the Tribe Sport Group, a company well known in the world of bike distribution .

To add a real plus to the product, Fred pushed for the respect of the environment to be part of the package, which only add to the high performance values of Fabien.

All the brake pads are made in France and the disks are made locally too in Italy.  Since the beginning of the brand many technical innovations have taken place,   NoNitech = absence of Nickel, mineral highly toxic for man and the environment, processes of recycling for the pads, to mention a couple and cosmetic innovations in the100% recyclable packaging, all to guarantee the lesser impact on the environment.

Today little has changed in our story, well Fabien races less, but can’t quite give up and still does some EWS E, he is still passionate about his product and continues to improve it.  The testing live is part of our ADN and very important for us, the backbone of our company.  Our current product manager, and tester, is a passionate ex motocross pilot (French Champion) reconverted with success to VTT enduro, with or without assistance.  Levy Batista who is also formed as an engineer, pushes us towards even better performances with our products, for equally the VTT, Electric, Road, Gravel and coming out soon for the Urban.

Brake Authority is a Company with a heart of a family and friends and the slogan resumes all in our ADN Performance and Respect