Our brake pads by Brake Authority in sintered metal are made from a base of different ore powders. Each pad contains at least ten corposants (copper, bronze, iron, ceramics, graphite …). Each of these elements play a different and essential role during the friction of the pad on the disk with an impact in terms of comfort, noise and performance. Once culminated, these products form the mixture of friction, which is then compressed, into a mould, which gives the final shape.

The segment obtained, is then positioned on its metal coppery support, and put in an oven at a temperature of more than 1200°c. This is the sintering process, one of the corposants melt, consolidating the materials and weld them to the base. The pad is then certified, controlled and packed.

 BURLY pads

  • Easy to dose
  • Progressive braking
  • Silent
  • Optimal lifespan
  • Low usage of pads and disks even after repeated long descents
  • Perfect for pleasure, cross-country, all mountain and enduro


  • Excellent grip at high speeds
  • Reduces the disks wear
  • High braking force even on muddy or dusty ground
  • Perfect for intensive use Enduro, Free Ride and Downhill


  • Additional thermic Ceramic screen decreasing the heat transferred to the piston
  • Excellent grip at high speeds
  • Less wear on the disks
  • High Braking force even on muddy or dusty ground
  • Perfect for competition use for Enduro, Free Ride and downhill


  • Pads specially dedicated for Electric Bikes, Light, long lasting, even at speed
  • Excellent dosage
  • Long lasting
  • High braking capacity

 ROAD pads

  • Progressive Braking
  • Excellent grip even at high temperatures
  • Silent
  • Easy accessibility
  • Perfect for intensive use on road, gravel and cyclo cross