In order to go forward in our quest of environmental protection, and beyond the current legal recommendation that already forbids asbestos and lead in the components, we commit ourselves, thanks to the Nonitech technology, to conceive our brake pads without nickel, which particles are really harmful for human being.

In addition, due to the fact that our factories are based in Europe, the CO2 emissions involved by the transports are reduced by this proximity.

Furthermore, walking on this logic’s path and with our personal belief on sustainable development, we strictly commit ourselves to recycle all used brake pads that will be directly sent to our agency or gathered in our main sell points.

Our enterprise’s philosophy is also slightly different in the way of approaching business. With a sustainable development strategy, we do not want to give you some «quickly made, quickly thrown away » pads. We really do want make them last longer.  Our pads are ensured to be more  « sustainable »  and our motto is to give the consumer the opportunity to consume better, by consuming less.

We have thoroughly given birth to some unique and innovating products perfectly shaped for every kind of exercice.

Our pads are obviously and entirely made in Europe what insures a control over the health standard and working conditions without ambiguity. Our factories are under the norms of ISO 9001 and 14001.

These successful blends are born from an unstopped and fruitful exchange between our research facilities and the field tests. Carried out for several months thanks to the investigations of our « Tribe Test Troop » ( TTT ) that involves professional riders along avid and motivated users.

This research program is still alive in order to keep our products in perpetual improvement loop.

SSB ( South Shore Bicycles ) is responsable for brands such as Urge Snow Products, Urge Bike Products or Brake Authority and gives a 1% commission for the environmental conservation and restoration.