Lab experiments are necessary and we rigorously lead them upstream. But they mean nothing without a field test.

So, we do always check our informations are correct, and we’re testing out our products on the field on every single ground in the world ( oh yes ! ) in all weather conditions. 
This involves many different testing levels. Downhill World Champion’s needs, starting from the behavior of the brake pad and the brakes themselves, won’t be the same as the casual rider’s one. It’s up to us to satisfy the both of them.

To be honest, it’s the coolest part of the job; ride our Mountain Bikes.

Brake Authority is the first brand to undertake a large scale program of embedded tests on the field to certify the evolution of our brake pads. Thanks to the support of Fabien Barrel and the Tecmas enterprise - a long-term specialist in embedded tests for Gp Bike and Motocross, those experiments were able to be realized.
As far as we can see, the genesis of such a program on MTB brakes is a major first. However, in our opinion, it seems to be essential. The laboratory results based on simulations and the wear of the components are compared with the rider’s experience.

Numerous data is extracted from these tests thanks to a generous harvest of sensor’s informations and some advanced technology.
In this way, temperature and wear can be measured second by second.
Every recorded descent is then digitalized on a software in order to let our engineers continue the expertise.
This unique technique leads our innovating expertise to be the most thorough possible.


It’s a step forward in our quest to provide you the best brake pads on the market, the most performant and being truly eco-friendly. 
- Developed and put to a high-level race test with Fabien Barel - two times Downhill World Cup winner and, several enduro teams.
- Lab tested with a razor sharp development software.
- Field-test embedded data : a major first in the MTB universe.
- The Tribe Troup Test made of pilots riding in different disciplines. Every year, they test new products in order to validate them.

 We hope to satisfy every one with our products : from the Wolrd Champion to the casual rider.
- Syntherised : a compounded manufacturing process that offers a long lasting life to the pads.
- A ceramic screen on our high-end pads (« agressive ceramic ») : an advanced cooling system for more power.
- 3 different edits for all riding styles ( «  Burly » , « Aggressive » , «  Agressive Ceramic » ), from XC to Downhill.  All edits are « syntherized ». 
- Made in Europe : guarantee of a high-end manufacturing- A line of products that fits into all brake systems of the market.


Camille Servant, Val d'Isere/Enduro Series 2015